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Vintage & Rare Japanese Amps and Effects Archive
All guitars listed on this page are currently available for sale at the prices shown.
Please email if you would like to see more photos of a specific guitar, if not actively linked.

1965 VOX Super Twin Reverb


George Alessandro English
Custom Order Birdseye/Gold

1976 JUGG BOX O60G
All-Tube Guitar Amp

2008 Tone King Imperial
All-Tube Guitar Amplifier
Not For Sale

1960s Dallas Arbiter
Wah Face Pedal
Not For Sale

George Alessandro Muzzle for English Amplifier $200.00
or free w/English purchase

Chicago Iron (Tycobrahe Reissue)
Parachute Wah
Not For Sale

Chicago Iron
Octavian Plus
Not For Sale

2002 Dunlop Rotovibe Pedal
Not For Sale

Dyna Music Co.
Thinman Overdrive Pedal

Maxon AD-900
Analog Delay Pedal
Not For Sale

Maxon AF-9
Auto Filter Pedal
Not For Sale

ZVEX Effects Vexter Series
Box of Rock Distortion Pedal

Greco Mr.CRIER Wah

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