Vintage & Rare Japanese Acoustic Guitar Archive
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Orville by Gibson Hummingbird Reissue
Guitar #A1-022

1990s Orville by Gibson J200 w/piezo pickup Guitar #0412

1990s ObGibson L-1 RI & OHSC
Guitar #0411

2007 Gibson Custom Shop Ltd. Edition Northern Jumbo
(hand-made by Rem Furgeson)$2,350.00

Morris WM-1201
Guitar #A2-432

Morris WF-1201
Guitar #A2-442

1970 Morris W-50 & OHSC
Guitar #A2-0461

1980 Morris W-30
Guitar #A2-472

Greco Zemaitis GZA-1800 TINY/SUN Guitar #A3-412

1970 Greco W-200
Guitar #A3-452

2000 History NT-501
Guitar #A3-202

1980 Headway HD-105
Guitar #0421

Yamaha FGX 730SCBS
Guitar #A4-042

Yamaha LL-6J
Guitar #A4-152

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