1980 Yamaha SL-400S Studio Lord 1960s Les Paul Replica
Sorry, this guitar is Not for Sale
This is a nice Yamaha SL 400s  Cherry Burst - Condition 9.5/10
Weight 9lbs 12 oz.
Nut  1 11/16    12 fret   2  1/16
Neck shape - heavy c
Serial number 002904
Ok, this guitar is in nearly perfect condition, only a couple of very small finish chips barely visible on the top
of the headstock. These guitars are fantastic. It has a solid mahogany body. Two piece maple top.
Highest-end model with the bolt-on neck type. It has a heavy C neck which I like very much. All the features
are similar to original Les Paul guitar. The tuners are originally made by Yamaha Japan and these are good.
It has original Yamaha pickups PAF type. Fret board wood is made of rosewood.  This particular guitar is all
original. The body and neck has a plastic binding. The head stock is very beautiful large size similar to
Gibson custom Les Pauls. It is a magnificent factory set-up guitar. The action is excellent may be better than
most Gibson Les Pauls. I compared its action with lot of copied Les Paul guitars but no one close to it. The
overall finish is superb, better than the typical Gibson Les Paul. It has jumbo frets highly finished and
rosewood for fret board belongs to A class. The neck on this one is perfect after almost 30 years.  All in all,
these guitars are among the best Les Paul replica guitars ever built, I've never had a bad one and I have at
least 10 in my collection. Comes with Gig-bag, if you want the case in the photo add $65.00, that's what I
paid for it.
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