1978 Ibanez Artist Bob Weir 2681 "Professional" Tree-of-Life Electric
w/Original Padded Gig Bag
Sorry, this guitar is Not for Sale
Boy do I love this guitar. I search and search for unique and classic Japanese guitars and over the years
have stumbled upon many of just about everything. But this one, I have only had the chance of getting
twice, and this is my second 2681. It's the oldest one I have seen, and was made during a really special
time in Bob Weir's career as a guitarist for The Grateful Dead. I have seen him play his on stage and the
tone he gets out of it is really cool. Being an old vintage model, the inlays in the ebony fretboard are very
carefully set. And done by hand. No 2 were exactly alike and I have to say this one is scary when you
ponder how in the world someone could do inlays that well. It has great sustain, being a neck-thru, and is
completely original in every way. The neck is straight, the frets are tall, and there's only slight hazing on
the metal hardware that could be buffed to a shine. Few dings and scratches. What a spectacular guitar!
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